Aligning business and information

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Information Technology and Business Alignment: Why it is Important

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Over the years, I have been regularly giving a talk on the value of aligning organizational goals with IT infrastructure change, focusing on how business processes and the data for information systems can be used to do that.

Aligning the Business with IT; Strategic Information Systems Planning or SISP. 17th December craigreadcloud Leave a comment. Section 1: Defining SISP. We should first define what is meant by ‘Strategic Information System Planning’ or SISP.

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Aligning information systems with business strategy Walter Baets Lovanium International Management Center, Chaussee de BruxellesLa Hulpe, Belgium It is generally accepted that one of the key factors for successful IS planning and implementation is the close linkage of the IS strategy with business strategy.

Aligning Technology Solutions With Business Needs (This article originally appeared on Microsoft's Direct Access web site.) Every consultant dreads this conversation, but eventually we all have it.

Aligning business and information
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Aligning Public Sector Business and IT Strategies