An experts system for prescribing herbal

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Expert system

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How did they explain and justify their principles.” On December 20,the Confederacy was. Herbal Medicine (Chinese Herbal Medicine) Acupuncturists If you're looking for an herbalist in Boca Raton, herbalist acupuncture Boca Raton or for chinese herbs Boca Raton these practitioners provide chinese herbal medicine Boca Raton and acupuncture.

But consumers need to be aware that compounded drugs are not FDA approved. This means that FDA does not review applications for compounded drugs to evaluate their safety, effectiveness, or quality.

Expert Pharmacy for Drug Interactions and Diagnoses What is Expert System?! Computer software that: * Emulates human expert. * Deals with small, well defined domains of expertise.

INTRODUCTION — Optimizing drug therapy is an essential part of caring for an older person. The process of prescribing a medication is complex and includes: deciding that a drug is indicated, choosing the best drug, determining a dose and schedule appropriate for the patient's physiologic status, monitoring for effectiveness and toxicity, educating.

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An experts system for prescribing herbal
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