Approach business dissertation environmentally essence strategic sustainable

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A Strategic Approach to the Environmentally Sustainable Business

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A Strategic Approach to the Environmentally The Essence of the Dissertation by Hiroshi Fukushi The global environmental crises motivated many companies to investigate and develop the concept of environmentally sustainable business. Sustainable development (SD) is the buzzword amongst environmentalists, politicians and economists, in media and among elite masses.

It is a process of developing (land, cities, natural resources, business, communities, etc.). It is widely used in speeches on environmental issues whenever needed.

The latter, in essence, is a framework for companies to measure and report on responsible business practices in the areas of marketplace, environment, workplace, community and human rights. The modern business environment has witnessed several business organizations implementing different forms and concepts of corporate social responsibility to enhance their brand image and meet the requirements of their respective stakeholders.

The main motive for the implementation of sustainable business practices is based on the business managers’ or the corporations’ philosophy and closely linked to the possibility of saving costs (Landrum and Edwardsm ; Bohdanowicz et al., ; Hitchcock and Willard, ).

Approach business dissertation environmentally essence strategic sustainable
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