Business case studies books

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Case Studies

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Business Case Studies

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Popular Business Case Studies Books

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How to Build a Million-Dollar, One-Person Business – Case Studies From The 4-Hour Workweek

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LG strives to change the life and business of our customers with innovative technologies and products expanded to cater for enterprise and B2B market. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than 10 years since The 4-Hour Workweek was published. And it amazes me that the book is still the most highlighted book across all of Amazon in I wanted The 4-Hour Workweek to be a compass for a new and revolutionary world.

LG strives to change the life and business of our customers with innovative technologies and products expanded to cater for enterprise and B2B market.

Popular Case Studies Books

Revised to reflect critical trends of the past 15 years, the third iteration of this widely adopted critical edition presents the text of Mary Shelley's English Romantic novel along with critical essays that introduce students to Frankenstein from contemporary psychoanalytic, Marxist, feminist, gender/queer, postcolonial, and cultural studies perspectives.

Case Studies in Finance links managerial decisions to capital markets and the expectations of investors. At the core of almost all of the cases is a valuation task that requires students to look to financial markets for guidance in resolving the case problem.

Business case studies books
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