Coffee certification in east africa

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Uganda: Ankole Coffee Processors Get UTZ Certification

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A Breathtaking, Drought-Prone Region Under Pressure

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Tea (%), fresh fruit and vegetables (%) and bananas (8%) complete the list of top. Coffee Certification in East Africa: Impact on Farmers, Families and Cooperatives Edited by Ruerd Ruben and Paul Hoebink. Wageningen, the coffee quality and certification. The book provides insights into how buyers, NGOs, farmers, and coop-eratives have worked to build East.

Out of Africa is one of the most popular brands belonging to the Kenya Nut Company (KNC). Out of Africa is one of the leading producers of nuts, teabags and coffee in East Africa.

The brand is dedicated to sustainable organic agriculture. Coffee, cocoa, tea, and hazelnut producers and handlers can apply for UTZ certification. Producers are certified to the Code of Conduct standard, while handlers, including packers, distributors, and transportation services, are certified to the Chain of Custody standard.

This book intends to deepen our understanding on the role and functions of coffee certification regimes, based on three innovative approaches. Coffee certification in East Africa, an edited collection, is divided into chapters, each of which is a separate yet interconnected scholarly article.

Fairtrade is an unjust movement that serves the rich

The articles are further separated into three thematic areas.

Coffee certification in east africa
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