Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing

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What are "Qualified Reigns".

Understanding downgrade rights

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Mar 09,  · Curious since there isn't a Sql Server it's probably either or (which are versions 8 and 9, respectively). Setting the compatibility mode on the database should do the trick, but one thing you could do to test is download and install Developer Edition (free) to a test environment and install your database and application there to make sure everything will run as expected.

Jun 09,  · Customers who have licensed software through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program are eligible to use prior versions of the software edition that they have licensed.

This is. Feb 06,  · Downgrade rights are a benefit of purchasing in the Volume Licensing channel and are also granted to some products sold via the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and to a lesser degree the Retail (FPP) channels.

Downgrade Rights Explained

Downgrade rights (rights to use any prior version) are granted as part of all the Volume Licensing agreements. Please refer to the Microsoft Product List for particular downgrade paths for your products.

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Clarification of Microsoft Volume Licensing policies for the Windows client, Windows Server, and Windows MultiPoint Server operating systems when the potential for multiuser scenarios exists.

Guide to Windows Server Editions and Licensing. Learn about the available editions of Microsoft Windows Server and the licensing requirements.

Downgrade rights for microsoft volume licensing
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