Ethical mutual funds performance

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Tata Ethical Fund(G)

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By applying a multi-factor Carhart () model we solve the benchmark problem most prior ethical studies suffered from. After controlling. Published: Thu, 15 Mar Literature Review on Ethical Mutual Funds Performance.

International Evidence on Ethical Mutual Fund Performance and Investment Style

With €7 trillion in Europe and $10 trillion in US of investment assets, the mutual funds industry has became very important in financial sector (ICI and EFAMA respectively, ).

Socially responsible mutual funds tend to have higher fees than regular funds.

Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

These higher fees can be attributed to the additional ethical research that mutual fund managers must undertake. Keywords: Socially responsible investment; Mutual fund fees; Mutual fund performance.

formance is an essential question for those investors who are concerned about the ethical consequences of their investments and, at the same time, want to obtain an adequate fl. Still, for those who want to invest with a conscience, we found seven solid ethics-based funds. Three are actively managed, one is an index mutual fund, two are ETFs, and the last is a faith-based.

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Performance evaluation of ethical mutual funds in slump periods

View fund details and performance. FAQ’s. Frequently Asked questions investors have. Corporate Engagement. Learn about our conversations with specific companies on ESG issues. NEI Investments and Ethical Funds are divisions of Northwest & Ethical .

Ethical mutual funds performance
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