Gospel presentation

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Gospel PowerPoint PPT Presentations

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How do you present the gospel properly?

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Gospel Handles: Old Testament Lessons is a treasury of creative ideas that can add sparkle to preaching and attractiveness to Gospel presentations.

Gospel Presentations

The resource uses the proven approach taught by Rev. Rossow during his many years as a homiletics professor and featured in his first book, Gospel. May 13,  · In fact, if you are an evangelism trainer, you can use this exercise to help the audience discover that they need to work on knowing a gospel presentation.

I want to give you a practice exercise I use in my evangelism training workshops. How do you explain the gospel in 5min?

One popular gospel presentation is Australian “Two ways to live“. I, obviously, prefer “Three ways to live” presentation, which makes further distinction between religion and the gospel. Both of these, and many other gospel presentations (until recently) made an emphasis on man’s sin, judgment and his only way to salvation by Jesus’ sacrifice.

You can also take a look at our web presentation of the Gospel called Steps to Life. To order our Do You Know Gospel tracts visit our ONLINE STORE.

We encourage you to share these tracts with others. Condensed Gospel Presentations One of the most popular forms (see our series on evangelism scripts) to explain the gospel is the Law and Gospel script by the Way of the Master folks.

Gospel Presentation

I like the theology of the Law and Gospel presentation. Share the Gospel with Children - String Magic. by Sylvia Chua.

A piece of string illustrates that sin entangles us and that we need Jesus to free us.

Share the Gospel with Children - String Magic

You may need to tailor your gospel presentation to suit the age of your audience. Use Questions to engage your listener and to check understanding.

Gospel presentation
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