Impact of hysteria

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What the Colangelo scandal means for the Sixers and the NBA

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Hysteria and Side Effects

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What are some examples of hysteria in The Crucible?

Throughout the play "The Crucible," hysteria regarding witchcraft spreads through the community of Salem and results in the numerous deaths of innocent victims. Recent Examples on the Web. Some of Turkey’s problems reflect the troubles assailing emerging markets in general.

— New York Times, "Turkey’s Economy Is So Hot That It May Face a Meltdown," 10 July Monsanto, often assailed for its impact on the earth and on human health, will shed its moniker after German giant Bayer officially acquires the company on June 7. Hysteria, in the colloquial use of the term, means ungovernable emotional excess.

Generally, modern medical professionals have abandoned using the term "hysteria" to denote a diagnostic category, replacing it with more precisely defined categories, such as somatization disorder. War of the Worlds, Orson Welles, And The Invasion from Mars. The ability to confuse audiences en masse may have first become obvious as a result of one of the most infamous mistakes in history.

The post-9/11 period is the time after the September 11, terrorist attacks, characterized by heightened suspicion of non-Americans in the United States, increased government efforts to address terrorism, and a more aggressive American foreign policy.

Impact of hysteria
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