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Spin-off (media)

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Spin (propaganda)

If true — all possible biggest political scandal!. MEDIA SPIN REVOLVES AROUND THE WORD "TERRORIST" By Norman Solomon During the first two days of this month, CNN's website displayed an odd little announcement.

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This impression of media clearly defines the true picture of its role. Spin. We all know it exists. The newsreaders, commentators and pundits all attempt to persuade others to accept their own point of view on events. This is what has become known as "media spin". Some are obvious in their efforts, some are quite subtle.

In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to persuade public opinion in favor or against some organization or public figure.

Feb 13,  · Media Spin: Media Abducting the Public. In the new world of content, anyone with a keyboard, a camera and an internet-connected device can become a publisher and can use the guise of “journalism. Media that insisted there was no spying, now making excuses for it.

The latest revelations about the Obama FBI spying on the Trump campaign are alarming, and it’s hard not to see this in the context of a much bigger picture. Connecting dots is a perilous business, but when they are neon bright and.

Media spin
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