Pearl shake business in the philippines

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Star Frappe’ Snack Bar & Cafe’

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When it comes to choices this is the spot! They had my go to whiskey as well as my go to bitters! Never going to another liquor store again in the Portland area. I even asked. Are you interested to franchise Zagu so you can start selling iced pearl shakes?

About Zagu. Zagu was the brainchild of Genevieve Lim who studied Food Science from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She came back to the Philippines and, inopened the first Zagu store in San Juan, offering Taro and Honeydew flavors.

Phnom Penh, strictly slow lane

The Franchise Business Philippines is one of the best business opportunity in the philippines. Below are the steps in franchising Zagu Pearl Shakes: You need to fill out the initial application form and submit once finished. You will be scheduled for an interview once you are qualified based on your accomplished application form.

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Supposedly coveted by Ferdinand Marcos and Osama bin Laden, and once valued at US$75 million, a web of fraud, murder and fiction has spread around the ‘Pearl of Lao Tzu’ ever since it was.

Pearl shake business in the philippines
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