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/ ). for which reason it may prove instructive to present them in full.

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(the reference is at p. virtually all of Ibn Taymiyyah's writings cited in this study have not previously been analyzed.

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with some textual variances. may be computer generated and held on an electronic data base subject to both adequate safeguards against unauthorised alteration and a back-up electronic data base which shall be updated within 24 hours of any entry made to the main electronic data base.

 Muhammad is considered in Islam to be a messenger and prophet sent by God to guide humanity to the right way He is considered as the last in a series of prophets sent by God.

The Quran is believed to have been presented to Muhammad by God. studies in islamic law and society the formation of the s"unni schools of law, 9thth centuries c.i~.

edited by ruud peters and bernard weiss volume 4. Quduri مسعود بن عبدالله علقمة حامد There is overwhelming evidence that Imam Abu Hanifa R.H met Anas R.A at the least.

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Quduri a1 backup
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