Schooling for children with special needs

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The Army Children Archive (TACA)

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Homeschooling and Special Needs Children

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The Impact of Premature Birth on Maths Achievement and Schooling

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Divorce and Children with Special Needs. By Lili A. Vasileff. There are few challenges more difficult than going through divorce and having a child with special needs.

Gypsy and traveller children could be taken out of school by their parents if specialist support services are cut, a charity has claimed.

Schools for Children With Special Needs

Tros Gynnal Plant says families rely on the services to. Learn from our education experts how parents can successfully navigate the daunting process of selecting the best special needs school for their child.

Children who have physical, emotional or learning differences may struggle in traditional academic settings. This study aimed to quantify the type and severity of learning difficulties experienced by children born prematurely (up to 36 weeks), and in particular to understand the origins and nature of.

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The Amish & Special Needs Children Schooling for children with special needs
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