Whittington four generic approaches to strategy

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A critical assessment of Richard Whittington’s ‘Four Generic Approaches’ on strategy

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Examples List on Whittingtons Four Generic Approaches To Strategy Commerce

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ASQ Auditing Handbook _4th abrasiverock.com - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Origins and Meaning of the Word Strategy According to Lewis (), " the term strategy derives from the Greek word 'strategos', meaning 'the art of the general'.

Whittington’s Four Generic Approaches to Strategy Outcomes Profit Max Processes Deliberate Emergent Pluralistic Fig 1. Whittington’s Four Generic Approaches to Strategy (with authors). A critical assessment of Richard Whittington’s ‘Four Generic Approaches’ on strategy Page 2 of 9 strategy means "planning for a particular episode of moves (of actions)", where every action is thought out as a function of the possible own and others' moves.

Whittington () summarised his four generic approaches of classical, evolutionary, systemic and processual, discussed above, in Figure. By plotting his model on two continua of outcomes (profit maximisation–pluralistic) and processes (deliberate –emergent), Whittington (, ) recognises that the strategy process changes .

Whittington four generic approaches to strategy
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